EE Reflections Explained

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  • You'll get information about the facts of reflection in the EE process.

  • (you'll need to look at skills and Step 3, Step 5 and Step 9 for tips on how to reflect)

In one minute

  • Effective learners reflect regularly. As a consequence students are highly encouraged to reflect throughout the EE process. Where you keep those ideas, notes, mind-maps etc is called the Researchers Reflection Space (RSS).

  • Managebac provides an RSS or you could make your own.

  • Each EE student must write a short reflection after each of the three official meetings with their supervisor; the first in January, the second (interim) in March/April and the third (viva voce) in October/November

  • 6 points (of 34) are awarded for a 500 word reflection, that document is called the Reflections on Planning and Progress Form (RPPF).

  • Each reflection point is a step in our EE process, so more details can be found on the appropriate pages eg Step 3, 5 and 9

Criterion E: Engagement