On Working with Data

Not every EE requires data handling but those that do should be planned out carefully. Here is a page that helps you get thinking about crucial questions

Two very useful documents

How should data be presented?

Dr Zina O'Leary provides some expert advice

This video is freely available from https://study.sagepub.com/oleary3e. Please as always, speak to your subject specialist supervisor for advice on your EE

5. Data Collection.mp4

I have managed to collect reams of data: how should I manage it all?

This video is apx 10 mins in length

Google Sheets Tutorials

some parts of some of the video will show a slightly different layout for googlesheets - but I've checked and the principle message and skills remain the same. You will easily be able to navigate the new style.

Short introduction (4 mins)

Short introduction (7 mins)

Longer introduction (33 mins)

Longer introduction (30 mins)

Other Useful Videos Worth Watching