3. First official meeting and Reflections

Super Tips

Be sure to send very positive signals to your supervisor about your engagement and motivation for the EE

In the Presentation to the right you will find the following helpful:

FEB WORKSHOPS Step 3: Preparing for your Initial EE Meeting + reflections

First official meeting: What should you bring to that meeting?

How should you arrange that meeting?

It is highly advisable for you (the student) to be proactive and request a meeting with your supervisor (avoid them having to chase you)

Dear (Mr./Ms/They LASTNAME HERE)

My name is, (YOUR NAME HERE), and you have been designated as my Extended Essay Supervisor. I am looking forward to working with you and sharing ideas. I would like to let you know that while I know that our Research Questions are not set in stone yet, however I do have some preliminary ideas and I have done a bit of work on this question. "PUT YOUR CURRENT RESEARCH QUESTION HERE". Additionally I have completed a Research Proposal and Annotated bibliography (add a link to the doc), and started to work on a Reflection Journal  (add a link to the doc).  We are all very busy, however I am hoping we can manage to come together for our 1st Meeting soon.  Ideally, we would need about 20-30 minutes for this first meeting. I would like to suggest some times and locations we might be able to meet:

If none of these dates work for you please let me know and send me a date, time, and location that will work for you. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Want to earn ALL of the Engagement Points for Criteria E? Complete your Reflective Journal - BEFORE - DURING - AFTER the meetings with your supervisor.



How to ace your EE reflections
Reflection: Writing Stems

Reflection Hack

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Notes on Posting your Reflections to Managebac:

Reflections are graded using criterion E: Engagement, earning you a maximum of 6 points for your EE. 

Criterion E: Engagement
Assessment: Criteria E - 18% of your EE grade