An EE in Economics


It is hoped that the information on this page provides you with ideas, resources and confidence to tackle an EE in Economics.

Essential Documents

An overview of research in Economics

Many students incorrectly use concepts of methodology and methods interchangeably as if they were the same thing. Your EE will get off to a great start if you are knowledgable and mindful of the differences. There is more information specific to economics in the documents below, but very basically, methods are the tools or approaches used, for example interviews. In contrast, methodology refers to the theoretical framework that underpins your research. Professors Clough and Nutbrown offer a useful summary when they write "methods as being some of the ingredients of research, while methodology provides the reasons for using a particular research recipe." Here is a helpful "cheat sheet" produced by The University of Western Australia on these topics. For IBDP students you should try and conceptualise methodology as related to ToK style considerations.

Methodology in Economics
Methods used in Economics
Why you should and shouldn’t do an EE in Economics
What topics are normally researched in Economics
Useful professional research papers to read in Economics
How to write like an economist

Example Extended Essays

Students ought NOT base their themes, topics or research question in response to what they may see exemplar student work. Instead it is far better to use the work and approach of professional economists as way to find direction and inspiration.

Schools of thought within Economics
Popular Journals in Economics
Good sources of data for economists
Nobel Prizes in Economics
John Bates Clark Medal Economics
Alternative awards in Economics

Great books for economics research

Understand the importance of models in economics

A very accessible book about experimental economics

Read up on how to write like an economist

Improve your writing by reflecting on how to write

Economics research at university

Other good videos to get a sense of research in Economics

Books about economic methodology and methods

All these texts are far beyond the expectations of the IB course but they might be of interest and use to teachers.