On Methodology and Methods

About methodology

What examiners typically say about the Methodology

  • Inappropriateness of the methodology to the theoretical framework and perspective of the study;

  • Insufficient justification for the choice of methodology with respect to research questions;

  • Placing the methodological approaches within logical of overall design and so demonstrating appropriateness

  • Failure to link methodology adequately to methodological literature;

  • Inappropriateness of methodology to generate the data needed to answer the research questions posed;

  • Failure to recognize limits and parameters of methodology used (generalizability and repeatability, etc.);

  • Appropriateness of methodology to sample;

  • Inadequate description of the methodological approach and framework;

  • Inadequate description of the instruments being used;

  • Inadequate description of the development and testing of new instruments or techniques;

  • Inappropriate, poor and inadequate statistical treatments

(King 1996)

Dr. Zina O'Leary provides some expert advice

The following is freely available from https://study.sagepub.com/oleary3e.

*Note: this is aimed mostly at the social sciences. So please as always, speak to your subject specialist supervisor for advice on your EE

4. Do I choose Qual, Quant or Mixed.mp4

What is best?

Quantitative, qualitative or mixed approaches?

This video is apx 11 mins in length