Hello and welcome to the ISB EE website. It is hoped that on these pages you will find enough ideas and advice to navigate the challenge of the EE with confidence and independence. That being said, you have a number of adults to help you along the way as well; read more about them here.

Thank you, and please let me know how I can help you

Ms McCosh

About this website

This website contains a mixture of resources. Some from the IB, others from 'how to study' guides and some from your supervisors. 

Every attempt has been made to fully reference sources used and a works cited page is available. If you notice mistakes please make reach out and make contact. 

EE Coordinator

Ms Sara McCosh



Christopher Bell - HS Librarian

Mrs Melinda Kehe - MS Librarian

IB Coordinator

Mrs Justyna McMillan

HS Office

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