What is the EE and why do we do it?

On this page

  • you are provided an insight to the Extended Essay

  • you are given part of the IB EE guide that explains the nature of the project

  • you find out why ISB teachers wished they had completed an EE in High School

  • you will see a list of common characteristics that indicate what type of student enjoys the EE

  • you will see the IB's Overview of the EE with Key Features

In thirty seconds

  • EE stands for Extended Essay

  • It is a core part of the IB Diploma

  • Combined with your ToK score it can contribute up to 3 out of your 45 IB points

  • It is an academic research paper, with a 4,000 maximum word count

From the IB

be sure to read this handout. It's taken from the IB EE Guide and will help you understand the purpose, context, nature, aims and objectives of the extended essay.

The Nature of the EE.pdf

Thoughts from your teachers

I wish I did an EE whilst at High School because…
Students that enjoy the EE often show the following characteristics…