Group 3: Individuals and Societies

An extended essay (EE) in individuals and societies is intended for students who are interested in undertaking research in an area of business management, economics, geography, global politics, history, ITGS, philosophy, psychology, social and cultural anthropology or world religions.

The individuals and societies EE is intended to encourage the systematic and critical study of:

Students’ choice of topic should enable them to recognize that the content and methodologies of the subjects are contestable and that their study requires critical thinking.

Students must have sufficient grounding in the subject under which they submit their essay: reading a textbook or consulting an encyclopedia while writing the EE will not compensate for a lack of proper background knowledge.

Individuals and Societies Top Level.pdf

Individuals and Societies Subject Reports

These are 'blueprints' for how to be successful writing an Extended Essay in each area. These are reports from the examiners on where papers from the given year was successful and where there were weaknesses. 

Individuals & Societies Example Papers





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