On Reflection

On this page ...

  • ideas on how to reflect meaningfully and effectively

  • a short tutorial about Managebac and the RRS


  • you are encouraged to reflect on your EE progress regularly - this is carried out in the Researcher's Reflection Space (RRS)

  • you will have to complete three mandatory reflections (these add up to a maximum of 500 words) this is done on the Reflections on Planning and Progress (RRPF)

  • exactly how you reflect is your choice

Copy of 2022 EE Reflections Hack

How to reflect meaningfully?

The University of Melbourne


  • do not simply reexplain or recall

  • do interpret and evaluate the experience from your perspective

The University of Hull


  • reflecting well is challenging but

  • reflecting well can be empowering and a confidence booster

Methods & techniques to help reflect

How did you solve your biggest problem
What resources changed your thinking?
What was your favourite mistake?
Railway Line Reflection
How to ace your EE reflections
Reflection: Writing Stems
Some reflection questions
Checklist for student reflections