6. Writing it up

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  • You'll also find help on working through typical problems that researchers often experience in this stage of their projects

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  • Sept. 1 Best Draft is uploaded to Managebac (*The ONLY complete draft that can receive feedback)

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EE Step 6: Writing It Up
EE Project Planner
EE Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks:

Planning and Writing your Intro for successful EE's.

Advice for sketching a working introduction
How good is your introduction?

Tips & Tricks:

Planning and writing the Body of your EE.

Advice for planning the body of your paper
How to write critically, conceptually and creatively

Tips & Tricks: Writing a solid conclusion to your EE.

Advice for writing your conclusion
How good is your conclusion?

Tips & Tricks: Writing Quotes and using the First Person 'I' in your EE.

Why and how should I quote?
Can I use ‘I’ in my essay

Want more help, tips and insights to improving your writing?

Seeing your draft in a new light: revision
A Quiz (with Answers) on Common errors in critical writing

Fantastically helpful videos you should watch