7. "Best draft", feedback and final checklists


What's next?


Help get to your "best" draft

Help you get the most from the feedback from your supervisor

Finish your final EE

Assessment FAQs
Is your Table of Contents perfect?
Is your Title page perfect
How good is your Presentation_.docx
The Word Count: Ins and outs
How good is your introduction?
How good is your Focus and Method?
How good is your knowledge and understanding?
How good is your Critical Thinking?
How good is your conclusion?
How good is your Bibliography?
Quick checklist for your writing
Seeing your draft in a new light: revision
Self Check: Evaluating your writing for critical thinking
The value of EE titles

For supervisors

Exactly how you provide feedback is your choice but the IB guidance is clear on what you can and cannot do. On page 63-64 of the guide it states

You can ...

You cannot ...

Some examples of open ended comments can be found on page 63 of the IB EE Guide. Some are listed below


At ISB various methods for providing feedback are used, including but not limited to;

Below are some general resources you are welcome to use and adapt to your needs. Please make contact if you wish to add to these resources; perhaps a subject specific document for example. Thank you

Summary EE Rubric
All criteria
Economics EE Feedback Aug/Sep 2017