7. Feedback & Improvements

On this page

  • You will find a number of resources to aid the feedback process. They are all designed for ease of use but if you have any questions please ask.

  • You should be able to click and open them all as a Google Doc. Please let the EE Coordinator know if you spot a mistake or if a doc doesn't work for you. Thanks

Upcoming deadlines

Class of 2022

  • On or before Sept. 1, 2021 at 8pm please upload your final EE to Managebac via the calendar (also, your supervisor may like a printed copy, please check.)

  • within a week of the viva please write and upload your third and final official reflection to your RPPF on Managebac

  • your final reflection (apx 200 words) need to be in the system on or before TBC 8pm


  • Consider reading your own essay out loud to yourself. You are likely to notice many mistakes and odd sounding sentences.

What's next?

  • The final EE upload

  • The final meeting; called the Viva Voce

  • The final and third reflection

For Supervisees (students)

Here are a number of documents that will help you check and reflect on your own work during this crucial EE improvement period. Some of them are designed like a helpful tick-list. It is highly recommended to carry out thorough final checks and make sure IB formatting requirements are met. Whilst this can be time consuming task it might just make a difference to the final grade so is well worth the effort.

In summary: this is your chance to act on all the feedback you receive and make sure your EE is fit for purpose come the final deadline.

Assessment FAQs
Is your Table of Contents perfect?
Is your Title page perfect
Preparing to submit your work
The Word Count: Ins and outs
How good is your introduction?
How good is your Focus and Method?
How good is your knowledge and understanding?
How good is your Critical Thinking?
How good is your conclusion?
How good is your Bibliography?
Quick checklist for your writing
Seeing your draft in a new light: revision
Self Check: Evaluating your writing for critical thinking
The value of EE titles

For supervisors

Exactly how you provide feedback is your choice but the IB guidance is clear on what you can and cannot do. On page 63-64 of the guide it states

You can ...

    • Comments can be added that indicate that the essay could be improved. These comments should be open ended and not involve editing the text.

You cannot ...

    • Correct spelling and punctuation.

    • Correct experimental work or mathematics.

    • Re-write any of the essay.

    • Indicate where whole sections of the essay would be better placed.

    • Proofread the essay for errors.

    • Correct the bibliographies or citations.

Some examples of open ended comments can be found on page 63 of the IB EE Guide. Some are listed below

    • Is your research question consistent through the essay, including on the title page?

    • Your essay lacks clarity here. How might you make it clearer?

    • Check this page carefully

    • You need to check this page for accuracy of referencing


At ISB various methods for providing feedback are used, including but not limited to;

    • 1:1 meetings (sometimes recorded for later reference)

    • Voice recorded feedback with a follow up meeting

    • Written feedback/comments aided by appropriate rubrics

Below are some general resources you are welcome to use and adapt to your needs. Please make contact if you wish to add to these resources; perhaps a subject specific document for example. Thank you

Summary EE Rubric
All criteria
Economics EE Feedback Aug/Sep 2017