EE Subject-Specific Guidance

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IB EE Subject-Specific Guides

All the following subject-specific EE guides are clickable and downloadable. Be sure to read over them carefully and be fully aware of what the EE in that subject 'feels' like. Feel free to ask the teachers of those subjects or the EE coordinator for more information or to answer any questions you may have. They are all taken from the official IB EE Guide found HERE.

EE HACK 1: consider an EE in any of your six subjects or even the special interdisciplinary options such as World Studies (maybe better called Global Issues)

EE Hack 2: don't be put off an EE subject because of a rumour it is 'too hard'. Similarly don't pick a EE subject because you think it's easy. This is likely to be the longest project of your IB career so you want to be motivated to do it plus you will enjoy the process if you naturally interested in the the topics. Some supervisors advise students to consider their passions and then spend some time thinking how it might be applied to all of their subjects. Be curious about the world around you. What do you want to know more about? This is your chance to investigate.