Criteria E: Reflection/Engagement

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  • You'll get information about the facts of reflection in the EE process.

  • (you'll need to look at skills and Step 3, Step 5 and Step 8 for tips on how to reflect)

  • You are given example EEs and Reflections that scored either A or B grades

  • Even though these EEs received a final grade of A or B you may spot mistakes in them, eg. poor citations, incorrect title page, poor table of contents

In one minute

  • Effective learners reflect regularly. As a consequence students are highly encouraged to reflect throughout the EE process. Where you keep those ideas, notes, mind-maps etc is called the Researchers Reflection Space (RSS).

  • Managebac provides an RSS or you could make your own.

  • Each EE student must write a short reflection after each of the three official meetings with their supervisor; the first in January, the second (interim) in March/April and the third (viva voce) in October/November

  • 6 points (of 34) are awarded for a 500 word reflection, that document is called the Reflections on Planning and Progress Form (RPPF).

  • Each reflection point is a step in our EE process, so more details can be found on the appropriate pages eg Step 3, 5 and 9

Rubric for Criteria E from IB

Criterion E: Engagement

Viva Voce Reflection Hack

2023 EE Reflections Hack - THE VIVA VOCE

Notes on Posting your Reflections to Managebac:

  • 3 Total Reflections

  • Total word count for all 3 Reflections (1st Meeting, Interim Meeting, and Viva Voce) = 500 Words

  • Must have met with your Supervisor prior to writing/posting your reflection to Managebac

  • Suggestion: Write them on a Google Doc so you can use the Word Count, Formatting, and Editing tools you need then copy/paste to Managebac.

Want More?

  • The Class of 2018 were the first students to write an EE using the current/new guide.

  • Any EE's written before that are technically out of date (yes we can still learn from them - see Mr. Bell for Examples older than 2018)

  • The examples given below do not include the 500 words reflection (RPPF)

EE Reflection Examples

  • The EE Reflection Examples are at the bottom of this page.

  • Remember that the RPPF is a total of 500 words and is Criteria E for Assessment


Group 1: Language and Literature

Korean A

English A

Category 1

What message does George R R Martin express through different characters' experience with disillusionment in his novel A Game of Thrones? [Cat 1] (Grade A)

How does Adrienne Rich utilize symbolism in a selection of her poetry to convey the evolution of feminist voice over the course of her career as a writer? [Cat 1] (Grade A)

In what ways does CS Lewis use satirical conventions to emphasize the teachings of Christianity and common shortcomings of humanity? [Cat 1] (Grade A)

Category 2

How does Mary Shelley and Franz Kafka use the portrayal of a character’s gradual alienation in Frankenstein and The Metamorphosis as a tool for conveying social commentary? [Cat 2] (Grade A)

How do Cormac Mccarthy and Elie Wiesel use symbolism, setting, and binary opposition in The Road and Night to convey man’s loss of morality? [Cat 2] (Grade A)

How do urban settings affect the stability of romantic relationships depicted in ​Anna Karenina​ and ​The Great Gatsby​? [Cat 2] (Grade B)

Category 3

How does Disney, through advertising and movie posters, use language and image to construct a changing view of femininity in their princess movies? [Cat 3] (Grade A)

How do CocaCola advertisements throughout the past 60 years further the importance of inclusion and diversity? [Cat 3] (Grade A)

How have Nike's advertisements evolved to better support gender equality? [Cat 3] (Grade A)

How does sociopolitical context affect the language used in speeches given by American leaders following the HIV/AIDS crisis of 1981? [Cat 3] Grade A)

Group 2: Language Acquisition

Group 3: Individuals & Societies

Group 4: The Sciences

Group 5: Mathematics

Group 6: The Arts

Interdisciplinary Subjects

World Studies

Conflict, Peace and Security

To what extent did economic conditions influence whether communities voted in favor of populist candidates in the United States 2016 Presidential Primary Elections? (Grade A)

From a political standpoint, to what extent may music allow for the expression of human emotion, and persuasion? (Grade B)

To what extent have the efforts and aims of the Turkish Red Crescent in Hacivat/Bursa improved the integration of the Syrian refugee population to society? (Grade B)

Culture, Language and Identity

To what extent did culture act as a barrier to quality education in Bangladesh between 2000 to 2015? (Grade A)

How has the Portuguese-Spanish wave of Jewish immigrants in Bordeaux impacted the current Jewish Community of Bordeaux today? (Grade B)

To what extent have culture and immigration affected the styles and designs of religious architecture in Yaowarat, Thailand? (Grade B)

Environmental and/or Economic Sustainability

To what extent has the development of wind energy generation in County Wexford, Ireland contributed to Ireland's fulfilment of its UN development energy goal? (Grade A)

To what extent have the aims and objectives set for the DoiTung development project in Northern Thailand been achieved? (Grade A)

To what extent is farmers’ standard of living better under the conduct of organic agriculture than industrial agriculture? (Grade B)

Equality and Inequality

To what extent has the software development industry impacted gender equality in Bangkok, Thailand? (Grade A)

How significantly did land ownership disparities in the Buriram, Chachoengsao, Srisaket, and Lopburi provinces influence voter preference in the 2001 Thai General Elections? (Grade B)

Health and Development

To what extent do La Niña-driven climate parameters affect the epidemiology of dengue in an urban population? (Grade A)

To what extent has Thailand’s Universal Healthcare helped reduce health inequality and satisfy the wants and needs of the rural population in 2019? (Grade A)

What influence does advertising and income levels have on obesity rates of high school students in Bangkok? (Grade A)

To what extent does the socioeconomic and demographic factors contribute to the low Alzheimer’s mortality rate in Okinawa while retaining its above average Alzheimer’s incidence rate in Japan? (Grade B)

To what extent is exposure to ambient particulate matter 2.5 diameters and smaller in the air, PM​ , affect the 2.5 development and exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Thailand? (Grade B)

Science, Technology and Society

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Extended Essay Reflection Examples

Good Example: Should be a 3 or 4 out of 6 Points for Criteria E

Example F, Good reflection, 5 out of 6.pdf

Better Examples: Should be a 5 or 6 out of 6 Points for Criteria E

Example A, Average reflection, 3 out of 6.pdf
Example D, Good reflection, 6 out of 6.pdf
Example E, Good reflection, 6 out of 6.pdf
Example B, Good reflection, 5 out of 6.pdf
Example A, Good reflection, 5 out of 6.pdf
Example C, Good Reflection, 5 out of 6.pdf

If you would like to see more examples please contact Mr Bell.