5. Interim Meeting

On this page...

  • lots of tips and advice for the 2nd meeting (known as the Interim meeting) and the 2nd reflection

Upcoming deadlines

Class of 2022

  • 2nd Official Meeting: May/June

  • 2nd Official Reflection: on or before Monday 7th June 8pm

Super tips

  • Don't be afraid of writing; get going on it! Writing helps you figure things out

What next?

  • Make sure you check in with your supervisor before the summer

  • Get working on your draft

Getting ready for the interim EE meeting
Possible questions for the interim meeting
Getting ready for the Interim Reflection
How to ace your EE reflections

Student Self Check-Up Docs

Student self check up: your work so far
Student self check up: design of the research
Student self check up: quality & achievement
Student self check up: of time, achievement and replanning
Solving problems students face