Early Bird Challenge

1. Go to Google Classroom to access your Early Bird EE packet

2. Watch the four minute introductory video

3. Spend September thinking, researching and discussing your passions

In this video you'll hear about ...

  • why the EE is your chance to be a university professor

  • why at this stage you shouldn't worry technical details of the EE

  • why the Early Bird Challenge is like pre-season for the EE

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Pursue Your Passion

Are you aware just how much of an opportunity the EE is for you? Take a look at this webpage (below) to see how a passion might be turned into an EE and in multiple subjects.

CHALLENGE: Part of the Early Bird challenge is to think about converting your passion into a variety of research questions, ie one for each of your IB classes. Do not stress about getting the wording perfect right now - just give it a go. Good luck :)

The Early Bird Packet

The Early Bird packet is below. Make a copy of the doc and use it as a framework to order your own ideas - even adapt it to fit your style.

Follow your passion. Trust us when we say the best RQs provoke debate and discussion. They are intrinsically interesting. Although personal interest may motivate your choice, ultimately the paper should be of help/interest/significance within an academic setting. This is after all an academic research paper.

EE Earlybird Challenge