4. Improving Methods & Interim Meeting

On this page...

  • an overview to what serious research entails

  • a reminder to carry out a feasibility check

  • advice on how to improve your RQ

  • planning for your Interim Meeting with your Supervisor

Upcoming Deadlines

Class of 2023

  • 2nd Official Meeting: Some time in May

  • 2nd Official Reflection Posted to Managebac: on or before Wednesday, June 1st, 8pm

What's involved in focused research?

Step 4: Improving the Methods and Interim Meeting

During this crucial step you will be involved in the following tasks...

    • carrying out a mini literature review

    • taking notes

    • writing an outline

    • preparing an annotated bibliography

    • updating your Research Proposal on Managebac

Remember all these tasks will improve your essay and make for a much better interim meeting with your supervisor.

What is an annotated bibliography?
Structure of the Literature Review


There is more on Methods in the Presentation above or Linked here.


About methodology
Expert feedback on Methodology

Prepping for the Interim Meeting and 2nd Official Reflection

The Interim Meeting in 5 Steps:

  1. Thank your Supervisor for meeting and any support

  2. Plan how you will communicate over the summer

  3. Show them your EE Outline

  4. Discuss any questions you have or problems you are facing

  5. Take a look at the Discussion Topics for the Interim Meeting Doc (to the right)

*REMEMBER: The outcome of this meeting is that you are ready to WRITE and you can WRITE your 150 word MANDATORY EE REFLECTION DUE UPLOADED TO MANAGEBAC BY JUNE 1, 8 PM

Interim Meeting Discussion
What does an EE outline look like?
Prepping the Interim Reflection

Are you making progress?

Are you making headway
Feasibility check


Student Self-Check: How's it Going?